Give Your Presentation the Actor's Touch

Feel like your presentations lack some pizazz?

Have an idea for a killer TEDTalk, but the idea of stepping onto a stage makes you break into a cold sweat? 

Never fear! Actors Touch is here to teach you how to take the stage with the confidence of a professional actor, so your ideas can shine and your anxiety can take a seat.  

Would you rather die than speak in public?

You're not alone. 

Studies have shown that in ranking common phobias, most people list "public speaking" as a more pressing concern than "death."

So if you feel the impulse to hide behind the fake plant in the corner every time you get called on in the team meeting, don't be too hard on yourself.  That's natural. 

Getting up on a stage and feeling EXCITED to have a room full of eyes on you is not a natural reaction.  

That, my friend, is an actor's reaction. 

Our Philosophy

Actor's Touch Speaking was founded on 3 simple principles, borrowed from the techniques of acting and improv.

Less Fear, More Fun

What would happen if you could take those performance nerves and turn them into excitement? That's exactly what Sara has done teaching Shakespeare performance to kid's 8-18 for the past 5 years. She knows how to take even the shyest 3rd grader from shrinking violet to total ham by moving at their pace, and finding the fun with patience and compassion. 

Sound Like You

When you take the stage, the last thing you want is to appear "fake" or "salesy." Actor's touch isn't looking to mold you into some speaker prototype. We're here to help you find and cultivate your authentic voice so that audiences can connect with YOU! (We're not doing character work here...)

Speaking is Listening

This is the part of speaking most coaches neglect. But coming from the world of improv we think it's CRUCIAL you learn how to process feedback from your audience in real-time. This is the quality that leaves audiences thinking, "Oh my god, it's like she's talking directly to ME!"

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Who Are We?

Sara Glancy 

Sara is a professional actor in NYC and the founder of Audition Rep Matchmaker, (a service which helps pair actors with the audition materials that will book them work).

She got the idea for Actors Touch speaking after attending a number of business conferences where she met countless BRILLIANT entrepreneurs who completely wowed her during one-on-one conversations, but seemed to shrink every time they got up to speak in front of the group.

That's when she became dedicated to the idea of applying the principles of acting and improv she'd learned at NYU Tisch School for the Arts and applied to her own Off-Broadway career to non-actors to help them shine on stage.  

Hear what folks are saying!


"Sara brings so much expertise, knowledge, and insight. She's practically bubbling over with it! And she's such a great teacher who has this infectious enthusiasm, so she's able to make even the most nervous and beginner speaker feel comfortable, while still managing to stretch and challenge more experienced speakers. I highly recommend working with Sara, whether you are just getting started with speaking, or you've been doing trainings and speaking on big stages for years, because Sara really does bring something new and special with the actors touch."

Founder/Copywriter/Writing Coach, Copy Luv

"I love Sara’s speaking workshop so much, especially the improv games. They really help me get out of my head and relax before confidently going into my speech."

CEO, Museum Hack

"I had so much fun at Sara’s workshop. I’m a programmer, and I give technical talks, and being able to bring all of her expertise into a domain that really doesn’t see that kind of expertise is really exciting."

Developer in Residence, Cornell Tech

"What I liked the most about this workshop is that Sara really personalized it. Even though there were several different people with different presentation needs, she was able to work with each and every one of us individually to make us seem like we were the only one in the room. She made the workshop a lot of fun and I would take it again! Sara is a great coach and I would recommend her to anyone. "

Supervisor, Media Assembly

How to work with Sara

Sara is now taking on private speaking clients!

She will work with you one-on-one to find your voice and feel confident standing in front of ANY room. Bring the stage presence of an actor with you wherever you go no matter the room or the audience.

Here's just a few places you could apply the actors touch:  

  • In the conference room  delivering a presentation to your boss
  • In the boardroom pitching your product to a potential client
  • In a reception hall making a toast at your daughter's wedding
  • On stage delivering a TEDtalk to the entirety of the internet on a subject that you're truly passionate about  

You have big ideas.

They deserve to be given voice.

To be able to communicate is to be able to connect.  

And couldn't we all use a little more connection these days?

Speaking of... 

To learn more about my coaching services and to learn if we might be a good fit...

Grab your complimentary Actor's Touch Strategy Session here!

During this 20min conversation we'll discuss your speaking goals and current challenges and find out if we might be a good fit! 

And look, I know a phone conversation may sound stressful, but I promise I'm easy to talk to ;)

(That's quite literally my job.) 

Hope to talk soon!

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Live Class Announcement!

Open to speakers of all levels, join us for this live workshop and learn how to apply the principles of acting and improv to your talk so you can take the stage with the confidence of a professional actor!     


Wed Nov 14th 6:30-8:00pm


Molloy Studios at the Manhattan Center
50 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10004 


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But what if I'm giving a technical talk?

One of the reasons I love working with programmers and other technical clients is they understand the concept of backend work.  

They’re well acquainted with the hours of highly nuanced tweaking behind the scenes that allows users to have seamless experience online.

This work that is largely invisible to the consumer makes their very web experience possible.

Delivering a technical talk is no different.   

On first glance, it may appear that a talk on code architecture wouldn’t require the same amount of performance attention as a best man speech.

In fact, the opposite is true.

When delivering a technical talk, the importance of communicating in a way that that is clear and digestible is key.

In order to land your points, you need to pay special attention to pacing, emphasis, and vocal clarity.  

And here’s the good news: This is all learnable.

AND, once you learn the methodology of how to mark up your talk for all those elements, you can use that analytical brain to apply it to all your future technical talks!

(This is why we love systems.)


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