5 Things to Get "In Shape" this Summer that Aren't Your Body

Ready for the Audition Rep Matchmaker’s patented one-step process to attaining a beach body?!?!

Step 1.  Take your body to the beach.

There is no step 2.


Beach body attained.

Now, I know this is not new information. Memes with this very message abound across the internet.

However, given the HUNDREDS of messages we receive each day that our bodies are not acceptable as they are, I think it bears repeating.

ESPECIALLY this time of year.

‘Tis the season of street harassment and body shaming, when temperatures rise as self-esteem falls!

Plus, if you’re like me, as audition season grinds to a halt if you’re probably antsy for a new project.

Something you can control and fix.

How about your body?!

That seems like a good place to direct all your frustration and anxiety!!!!



In my experience, this does not make for the most enjoyable or productive summer…

Here are five gentle suggestions of things other than your body you can get in shape this summer!


Chances are you’ve been working your audition cuts non-stop this winter. But what about those parts of your voice that haven’t been getting much love?

How’s that legit feeling? Maybe this summer you can focus less on the size of your shirts and more on the size of your vocal range.


This is the perfect time of year to find new audition materials!

Do you find that you’re scrambling to find songs all audition season only to realize you don’t have time to get them to audition quality? This is the time.

Make a mojito and go into a Spotify deep dive. Take that body to the beach and read a new play while laying out.

Work out that beautiful brain.

(Psst! If you'd like some help picking out songs and monologues that will make you shine in the audition room, I've got June coaching availability!)

Book Here! 


Instead of shrinking your body, why not try growing your business?

At your rope’s end at your survival job? Maybe it’s time to start exploring other avenues.

Get that yoga teacher certification!

Start writing that web series you’ve been dreaming up with your friend for the past two years!

Now's the time. 

Last summer I launched my my second biz, Actors Touch Public Speaking, and it's completely changed my life.

All year, I've been helping non-performers take the stage with less fear and more fun.

And guess what? It's INSANELY rewarding.

You have the skills. Grab a friend and go build something! 


Speaking of that friend…when was the last time you two got together?

Has craziness of audition season wrought havoc on your social life?

Why not spend this summer strengthening those friendships?

What do you think you’ll remember more fondly in ten years: the six-pack under your crop top or the six-pack you split in your best friend’s back yard?


Self-compassion and acceptance are muscles. Hit those muscles HARD this summer. Your career will improve. Your relationships will improve. Your life will improve.

I wish I had a patented Audition Rep Matchmaker one-step process for achieving the goals above. I don’t.

Believe me, I will be working on all five this summer.

And to any of you struggling with the body-image issues that run rampant this time of year, please know that my heart is with you.

Know that “beach bodies” (and “Broadway bodies” too) are JUST bodies.

Know that you are enough.

Know that you deserve to wear whatever clothes make you feel comfortable and powerful.

Know that anyone who tells you otherwise is either oppressing you or trying to sell you something. (Possibly both.)

Don’t buy it.

Much Love,


Sara Glancy is an NYC actor and the founder of Audition Rep Matchmaker, a service that helps match actors with the audition materials that will book them jobs.

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Photo by Jessica Osber.

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