You're Not Crazy


Ever notice how often we throw that word around?

Especially on the internet.

Especially when we have the comfort of anonymity.

Especially in reference to women whose behavior we do not approve of.

Let’s talk about that for a second, shall we?

If you’ve been on Audition Update anytime recently, you may have noticed this trend. It seems like every day there’s a new thread lamenting “these crazy non-eq girls” starting lists at 4am.

The nerve of them! Those crazies!

Here’s where I take issue.  By all means, vent. The non-equity audition circuit is BRUTAL. But the people starting lists at 4 in the morning aren’t “crazy.” They’re responding very rationally to a very broken system. Are you angry that you can’t show up to an audition after 7am and still get seen?  By all means, be angry. That sucks. But “those crazies” are not your enemy.

The fact that those women are behaving in a way that inconveniences you does not make them mentally unstable.

Or if it does, they’re certainly in good company.  Remember Winter Storm Jonas a couple years back? Remember that funny little news story about how the day after the storm, the only Senators who showed up for work were women?

That’s right.  They’re the crazy bitches who started the 4am list.

And they’re running the freakin’ country.

In short, language is important.  Let’s use it to lift each other up instead of tear each other down. It’s time to retire the word “crazy” in reference to “those non-eq girls.”

It’s disrespectful to women.

It’s disrespectful to people with mental illness.

It’s just disrespectful.

You keep using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means…

You see “crazy girls,” I see “driven women.”

Maybe I need my vision checked, but if so, I prefer my blurry world.

Call me crazy.

Happy auditioning, all.  

Sara Glancy is an NYC actor and the founder of Audition Rep Matchmaker, a service that helps match actors with the audition materials that will book them jobs.

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Originally published on on February 22nd, 2016.  Photo by Jessica Osber.

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