Private Rep Coachings

Professional rep coach Sara Glancy will work one-on-one with you to find the types of audition materials that will book you the job.  No more generic rep.  Find the songs and monologues that are as unique as you are!

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Yente's Audition Book Makeover

45min video-chat diagnostic/ discussion and of type of material needed resulting in 8-10 suggested songs within 48 hours.

Price: $149

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Song and Monologue Combo Platter

1hr video-chat diagnostic/ discussion of type resulting in 8-10 song and 3 monologue suggestions within 48hrs.  (BEST VALUE)

Price: $245

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The Monologue Matchmaker

30 min video-chat diagnostic/ discussion of type of material needed resulting in 3 monologue suggestions in desired categories within 48 hrs.

Price: $129

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College auditions around the corner?!

I've been there.  I remember all too well how stressful the college audition process is. ESPECIALLY picking your audition cuts.  Whether you're a student experiencing this first-hand, or a sympathetic parent or teacher, I'm here to help!  Click below to book your 45-min college prep rep coaching.

Within 48hrs of our coaching, I'll send you 8 unique song suggestions appropriate for all your upcoming college auditions. And since I conduct all my coachings via video chat, you don't need to be a New Yorker to get professional level college prep.     

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