Quit Your Day Job

A 3-week online ARTrepreneur bootcamp with the founder of Audition Rep Matchmaker. 

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Have you bought into the "starving artist" myth?

I don't know about you, but I don't work very well when I'm hungry...

Hungry = Desperate

I remember the days I would walk into that audition room hungry. I was temping/babysitting/serving waiting all day and not getting seen at EPAs. And I was still STRUGGLING to make rent.

There was a week when I was living on milk and protein powder.

And then the protein powder ran out.

This was the moment I came to the realization that changed my life. 

When I walking into those auditions, my desperation did not come from how badly I needed to tell the story of that particular show. It came from how desperately I needed that job to save me from my life.

Staring into that empty can of protein powder, one thing became very clear to me...

"My acting career could not survive my survival job."

"My business has grown by 600% and I QUIT waiting tables!"


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Does this story sound uncomfortably familiar?

Are you perhaps in the midst of your own protein powder moment? 


These are the moments when we are most able to make a change.  

That was the moment when I vowed to find a job where I could use that degree I worked so hard for, with the flexibility to audition whenever I wanted, that after ten years would not leave me burned out but artistically refreshed.

I vowed to find that job.

...And when I couldn’t, I said “Screw it!” and created it myself.

Flash forward 4 years. 

I own and operate a business that

  • Pays the bills
  • Allows me to flex my artistic muscles
  • Never requires me to skip an audition
  • Continues to operate and make money even when I am on an out-of-town acting gig

And my acting career?  

Since launching Audition Rep Matchmaker, I've gotten my Equity card, been cast in multiple Off-Broadway shows, and performed principal roles in both regional and touring productions

But most importantly, I'm not a starving artist anymore.  

I'm a full artist. 

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The Mission

That's the whole reason I created "Quit Your Day Job: A 3-week ARTepreneur Bootcamp with Audition Rep Matchmaker."

 It's become one of my missions in life to help other artists reject the starving artist myth and build businesses that are not just survivable but actually  feed their artistic careers.   

This 3-week online intensive is available to artists in all stages of their entrepreneurial journeys.  

Attendance will be capped at 8 people so each student gets as much individualized feedback as humanly possible.    

Spots fill up quickly so read on and register ASAP!  

Your Syllabus

Class 1: WHAT IS MY BIZ?

(Tues, Jan 8th, 7:00–8:30pm EST)

  • Identifying where there's a need and how you can fill it
  • Strategizing how you can cut through the noise
  • Perfecting the pitch
  • Identifying your target demographic
  • Categorizing your biz (Are you a sole proprietor or an LLC?)


(Tues, Jan 15th, 7:00–8:30pm EST)

  • Finding those first few clients
  • Building a reputation
  • Identifying what you should be charging
  • Strategizing where to target your social media
  • Determining where you need to be looking to form partnerships

Class 3: HOW DO I GROW?

(Tues, Jan 22nd, 7:00–8:30pm EST)

  • Becoming a brand with name recognition
  • Adapting to new technologies
  • How can I continue to grow my biz to the point where I can ACTUALLY quit my day job?



Classes will be held through zoom video conferencing, so the class is available to all ARTrepreneurs regardless of geography.

PRICE: $195 


Can't make one of the live classes? Don't worry about it! Class will be recorded each week and posted in the private Facebook forum for later viewing. 

Attire: You do you. 

Entrepreneurs are allowed to wear pajamas to work.    

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Bonus Features!

In addition to the three live classes you will be getting...

  • Weekly homework assignments 
  • Personalized feedback on your business plan
  • Access to a community of fellow ARTrepreneurs who will become some of your greatest allies, cheerleaders, and perhaps...future business partners 


I want to quit my day job, but I have no idea what kind of biz I'd want to create in its place. Will this class be too advanced? 

Not at all! You don't need to come into the class with any idea of what you want your biz to be.  Part of week 1 will be figuring out what skills you already have that can be leveraged into a business. 

What if I can't make one of the classes live? 

While it's preferable you be there live so you can receive individual feedback, it's no problem if you have to miss a live class. Each class will be recorded and posted in the Facebook forum for later viewing.

What if I already own my own biz? Is this class strictly for beginners?

This class is perfect for entrepreneurs in the early stages of their businesses.  If you've already established your biz, we can really dig into strategies for scaling your business so that you can grow faster.

When does registration close? 

Jan 6th is the last day to register, but slots will likely fill up before then, so best be safe and sign up now ;)

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Additional Questions?

Email us at [email protected]

Now's the Moment.

Don't wait until the protein powder runs out. 

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